Craft Beer, GIn & Wine Bar Eatery


All menu items are subject to availability as they are prepared fresh daily

Fresh Fruit Bowl  (V)

Seasonal Fresh fruit served on a bed of double cream vanilla yogurt and home made granola.

Eggs Benny

Two poached eggs nestled on a freshly baked rye or sour dough drizzled with a hollandaise sauce.  R65

Add Bacon/ Mushroom (V) R75
Add Smoked Salmon R85

Smashed Avo Toast (VE)

So simple and delicious, this is perfect when you need a quick and nutritious breakfast or snack.
Served chunky & spread on a choice of toasted rye or sour dough & garnished with coriander leaves. R40

Add a Poached egg for a bit of luxury. R50

Free Range Eggs on Toast    ( V )

Scrambled eggs can be one of the most luxurious breakfasts around if its done the right way. Served  on a choice of rye or sour dough toasted and garnished with chives. R45

Add Bacon R50
Add Smoked Salmon R65
Add Avo (V)  R55

Pesto Mushroom Toast (VE)

Pan sautéed mushrooms and rosa tomatoes infused with garlic and truffle oil. Served on a choice of toasted rye or sour dough & lightly drizzled with pesto dressing. R55

Rise & Shine Wrap

Free range scramble eggs, mozzarella, rosa tomatoes  & baby spinach served tightly in a wrap.  This protein packed breakfast will get you owning the day. R65

Add Bacon / Mushrooms (V) R70
Add Smoked Salmon R80

Mac Daddy Breakfast

Free range eggs, crispy bacon, pan sautéed mushrooms rosa tomatoes  & baby spinach. Served with a choice of toasted rye or sour dough. R75



Potato & Mozzerella Croquettes (V)

Crumbed light and Fluffy mashed potato with a melted cheesy chive filling. Served with a homemade tomato sauce. R60

Portuguese Style Spicy Chicken Wings

4 Dry rubbed spicy wings are marinated for 2 days & char-grilled basted to perfection with our secret peri-peri sauce. The perfect wingman! Served with an Asian-styled coleslaw salad.  R75


A tortilla wrap garnished with crisp lettuce, asian coleslaw, tomato & pickles. 

Vegetarian & Avo (V) R65
Grilled Chicken & Avo R75
Grilled Steak & Avo R80
Smoked Salmon & Avo R90

Marinated Pork Loin Ribs 

4 Dry rubbed & slow cooked, these fall off the bone char-grilled ribs are basted with our secret BBQ sauce. Rib snack basket served with an Asian-styled coleslaw salad.  R85

Chilli Poppers

Our home made crumbed in light & crispy breadcrumbs. Served with a small Asian styled coleslaw salad. R75

Tasty Taco  

2 Tortilla soft tacos garnished with crisp asian coleslaw & served with a choice of: 

Vegetarian R70
Sirloin Steaks strips are char-grilled to perfection R85
Free Range Chicken char-grilled to perfection R80
Dry Rubbed Pulled Pork  R85

Naughty Nachos

Our home made tortilla chips are accompanied by fresh spicy salsa,  guacamole. Proving to be quite a hit. R70

Burger Slider Trio 

Choose any 3 of our usual standard gourmet burgers served as cute but tasty sliders served with a small Asian-styled coleslaw salad. 
This is good for the not so hungry & indecisive.  R90

Chicken Strips 

Mouth-watering 100% pure free range chicken breast lemon crumbed &  cut into bite sized strips  served with sweet chilli sauce or garlic mayo. Served with an Asian-styled coleslaw salad.  R75

Salmon & Trout Fish Cakes 

6 dry-rubbed spicy wings are marinated for 2 days and char-grilled. Basted to perfection with our secret peri-peri sauce. The perfect wingman! Served with an Asian Styled coleslaw salad.  R80


Gourmet Burger

Our mouth-watering 100% Pure Free Range Beef Patty & Chicken Breast is basted with our secret sauce,  nestled in a fresh burger bun & garnished with crisp lettuce, tomato & pickles. 
We then serve it a generous portion of hand cut farm style potato fries, sweet potato fries or a side salad.
Order with an option of beef, chicken or veg. Available as Nude or Topless burgers 

The Standard

This ain't no ordinary burger. R90

The Vegetable

This vegetarian whopper consists of shrooms, onion, spinach, lentils, herbs & spices. Popeye would be so proud.   R90

The  Kluck  

Perfectly dusted with home styled lemon & herb breadcrumbs , light & crispy. R95

The Fromage 

A slice of mature cheddar cheese takes this to the next level  R100

The Shroom

Truffle oil inspired mushroom sauce madness. This one is addictive, be warned.  R105

The Froomage  

Truffle oil inspired mushroom madness  topped with a slice of mature cheddar. This is the best of both worlds. R115

The Cheesy Hawaiian

A slice of mature cheddar cheese gets finished off proper with a juicy pineapple ring. R120

The Hombre 

A slice of mature cheddar cheese gets pumped up with some spicy jalapenos. Andele ! Andele! R120

The Lone Wolf  

A juicy medium rare prego steak char grilled & sliced to perfection. For sizzle my nizzle! R125

Little Miss Piggy 

Crispy pulled pork burger patty with a juicy, sweet & salty finish. It will blow you away! R125

The Mac Daddy

Crispy Bacon, sits on mature cheddar & then creamed by tasty avo. Who’s your daddy?  R130


Flatbread Pizza

Our 100% authentic double zero thin crust is smothered in our secret pizza sauce.
We have selected only the freshest locally sourced toppings to grace the heavenly crispy crust 

The Marge

This ain’t no ordinary margarita with fresh pesto dressing. R80

The Veg

This vegan surprise has the wholesome veg with fresh pesto dressing. R95

The White Shroom

Truffle oil inspired mushrooms spread evenly on Mozzarella cheese margarita with fresh thyme & dollops of Italian ricotta. This one is addictive. R105

The Salmone

This smoked salmon pizza is simply scrumptious with capers, rocket, and  lemon crème all working well together. R135

The Pepperoni

Hand cured local salami gets pumped up with some spicy jalapenos. Andele! Andele! R120

The Prawny

How does Portuguese marinated prawns, roasted red peppers, shredded basil and chilli sound to you? Finger licking is encouraged! R140

The Porky

Crispy pulled pork, sits on mature mozzarella, red onion & finished with wild rocket. R130

The Kluk & Avo

Sliced chicken breast pan fried in our famous Prego sauce finished with creamy avo slices. R120

The Mac Daddy

Crispy bacon, sits on mozzarella & then creamed by tasty avo. Who’s your daddy? R135